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"Shining testimony" GMOND jewelry wedding culture search shine open

August 20 Tanabata day, GMOND jewelry in 2015, "shine witness marriage culture search" launch ceremony in Hunan Xiangtan backgammon Department Store Grand atrium grand opening. Day, the strength of elegant temperament to send actress Chen was invited to attend, to share their romantic love story and the beauty of jewelry experience, to help the new year to find the opening ceremony of marriage customs search. Activities, played last year and this year, "shine witness" video, about the sparkle platinum diamond series of romantic love to pursue, and launched a 2016 sparkle platinum diamond collection new collection of inspiration elements of activities, leads to 2015 "shine witness "Look for ordinary life, the theme of romantic stories, to encourage people to tell the hearts of the romantic elements and stories. The Tanabata, GMOND Kyrgyzstan jewelry to the 15th anniversary of the glittering process for the guests presented a fantastic visual feast for the guests to bring the United States to enjoy.


Star guest Chen "shine witness" start ceremony ribbon-cutting

GMOND jewelry has been persistent in the discovery of love in the shining moment of women. And as inspiration, creating a sparkling platinum diamond ornaments series. The series since the first launch in 2010 after six years, from the Italian jewelry family designer Alexander? Cosso Alessandro Cossu led design, sparking extraordinary creative inspiration and romance, and successfully established a platinum diamond perfect match, the main From the drill design, the main ring with the concept of wear, witnessed the moment of happiness of the lover and women shine moment.


To explore the artistic nature of jewelry, as well as sparkling platinum diamond and romantic love of eternal blending, GMOND jewelry in 2013 to start the "shine witness wedding culture trip", in-depth minority Qiang, Yi and other places, to visit the unique Chinese land Oriental flavor of the national marriage customs, extracted to represent the "joy of love" azaleas elements and representatives of "pure love" element of the spring, into its 2014 "shine" new creation. 2014, "shine witness wedding culture trip" through the search of Italy, to further explore the Italian gene in the romantic color and fashion attitude, as well as handicraft tradition. From Italy to extract the precious handmade lace elements and a symbol of "deep love of the heart," the Italian national flower - daisy elements, to 2015 into the "shine" platinum diamond series of new designs. Through these beautiful elements and stories, the expression of sincere love and sacred marriage, deep feeling of praise.

2015, "shining witness" will explore the inspiration of the ordinary life locked in the romantic and moving. GMOND jewelry by visiting the old customers, to collect 5 pairs of different ages of couples sweet love story, and invite them to share their love of the oath, this shot into "love dance, combined into one, love the journey, encounter, White head and not leave "group of five love story short film, so shining in the ordinary life of the romantic story retained in the lens.

Romance is everywhere, and everyone can be a romantic narrator. 2015 "shine witness" GMOND jewelry wedding culture search for the 2016 shine new creation looking inspiration Muse, invites you to speak of the romantic. The most inspiring inspiration story will be engraved into the 2016 sparkle series of new diamond to diamond solid and pure platinum to permanently carry the romantic.


Star guest Chen and host interaction, to share their own romantic story

GMOND jewelry always adhere to the art of beauty and emotional carrier, is the love of keepsake, it has been to record and express romantic jewelry, witness the eternal happiness moment. Romantic stories and elements, also continue to shine platinum diamond series creation into new inspiration, and constantly inspired by GMOND jewelery to create a unique creative and emotional quality jewelry.