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Shenzhen KINGKAIFOOK JEWELERY CO., LTD is a jewelery brand of Hong Kong KINGKAIFOOK Group which was established in 2005 and is located in the heart of Shenzhen ShuiBei Jewelery Industrial Park. It is a professional jewelery company specializing in design, research and development, production and sales. Diamond ornaments, thousands of gold jewelry, jade jewelry and corporate gifts. In Hong Kong, mainland China 31 provinces and municipalities to direct and franchise model to establish a retail network, at present, the company opened in China and Hong Kong more than 130 KINGKAIFOOK jewelry stores. Company headquarters exhibition area of ​​over 3,800 square meters, a total investment of 3 million, the company has its own plant, nearly 1,200 employees, more than 50 professional design team, more than 100 professional customer service. In 2010, the company spent a lot of money to build products supporting system --- "KINGKAIFOOK" packaging and gift showrooms and "KINGKAIFOOK" decoration props company, the image decoration, furnishings props, promotional materials, packaging integration. In 2011 the company to maintain the characteristics of the original brand, based on diversified strategic development plan, invest 50 million, to build the Jade Carving of the Jade World --- Jade Tycoon Emerald Wholesale Center, and the "emerald player" brand. The end of 2011, the company increased more than 8,000 million in Buji Li Lang to buy the foundation, the establishment of more than 7,000 square meters of new plant and staff dormitory, the end of 2012 is about to put into production, expand production scale. Jin Jiafu Jewelry Co., Ltd. with its strong backing for the future development of the brand KINGKAIFOOK laid an unshakable foundation!