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KINGKAIFOOK, Diamond Phoenix. The market downturn, increase R & D production and original design, survival of the fittest.

2016 Shenzhen International Jewelery Show, jewelery media interviewed Jinjia Fu jewelry. KINGKAIFOOK, Diamond Phoenix. The market downturn, increase R & D production and original design, survival of the fittest.

Jewelery Media: CUI, Hello! We are jewelry media, I would like to know what we Jinjialu jewelry is mainly what products? Then what are the main features of our products?

KINGKAIFOOK: Hello, fortunate. We Jinjia Fu jewelry has long been focused on diamonds, mosaics, gold, jewelry, silver jewelry production and research and development and manufacturing.

Jewelry media: that we have a problem for the jewelry industry is the industry identification of the problem, then you have any good ideas on this issue do?

KINGKAIFOOK: the original stone, is the diamond we will come back through the procurement of our professional diamond team QC team will carefully a grain of a look at stone, stone. All products sold to consumers in the hands of the past, we will be commissioned by the national gemstone professional bodies or testing organizations designated by the local customers of their examination, or a professional body for testing one by one, and then linked to the signature, and finally only OTC. Is such that.

Jewelry media: that in this era of rapid development of the Internet, we have Jinjia Fu jewelry with the Internet + together?

KINGKAIFOOK: Internet +, in fact, the past two years we have been respected the Internet +. Because that is, Jinjia Fu jewelry has developed more than 20 years of business, we have a few years ago, that is, has been focused on this piece of input and publicity. So a few years ago, we have set up their own brand, is the Diamond Phoenix, respectively, in the day cat, with its own platform has been doing electricity providers, and do more mature.

Jewelry media: it is the jewelry market, what do you think? There we Jinjia Fu jewelry sales in the market and the market share is like?

KINGKAIFOOK: The current two years 2014, 2015, 2016, the past few years the jewelry market is actually relatively sluggish, the market is relatively shrinking relatively serious, that is, is a good thing, why? This will speed up our business-to-business competition and R & D between a footstep and speed. Especially in 2016, our new product promotion and design of R & D above, each is not just Jinjia Fu, including our peers in each of the accelerated R & D and publicity, then this is the case, that is, for our large companies, these precipitated Company, in fact it will have a survival of the fittest of a process. In other words, we ourselves need to compete with their own, but also need to compete with their peers. So that is, in 2016 this market sluggish situation, we have increased this R & D production, increased this original design, increased the promotion of this market and publicity, then Jinjia Fu jewelry is made Certain achievements and gains. At present in the market share, it is difficult to say an accurate figure, but for now, we work with the major retail brands, has become a designated supplier. Then the market share is still relatively optimistic. Is such that.

Jewelry media: I would like to know, let's Jinjia Fu jewelry brand of a corporate culture, we facilitate a simple talk about it?

KINGKAIFOOK: Jin Jiafu jewelry As you can see, we have been promoting a service culture promotion and publicity. Is committed to building whether through gold or diamonds in the interpretation of the product, to praise this service with a reputation and positioning of culture, is this.

Jewelery Media: Now everyone is talking about small goals. On the outside in terms of small goals - a million, wow, astronomical. Then I believe that in the gold jewelry industry a billion is a very small sales. I would like to know what we KINGKAIFOOK jewelry set a small goal is what? Our general direction and what is it?

KINGKAIFOOK: In fact, that goal, each enterprise has. We are certainly no exception. Like you said this, hundreds of millions of sales for us is not the goal, because we do diamonds, plus do gold, this kind of take the amount. Take this amount is relatively large, so hundreds of millions of such a thing is not a goal. We do not deliberately in the sales to chase, that is to say how much. We set ourselves the goal is to continue to superior themselves, optimize their product category, to make products more widely occupy the market. This is our goal. Because that is to say, with money or money to measure is not our pursuit of an ultimate goal. The ultimate goal is what we stand on a high degree, and ultimately become, others how we are a definition. Is such that.

Jewelery Media: Well, thank you CUI. Thank you!