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        Millennium Star was established in April 2000, the headquarter located in shenzhen Luohu District, Shuibei Jewelry Industrial Park. It was registered by RMB2.5679 billion , the branch brand Zhou Daikin jewelery is the leading brand in the jewelry industry, Distribute and Direct wholesale are the main business model,and was endorsement by Miss ZhangTing who is a famous movie star from Taiwan .As a co-branded with CCTV and one of the leading jewelry retailers, there are more than 400 chain stores of Zhou Daikin brand over around the country , and expland with a steady speed , which means there is Potential prospects.

        Professionalism and Concentrationaccomplish the feat. In last 10 years, Chow Tai King grew stronger and strongerfrom scratch or from a limited amount and became flourishing step by step; now webecome one of China most well-known jewelry retailers, and are accepted and favoredby both inside and outside the industry and consumers across the country. Basedon all staffs' effort and enthusiasm on the development of China jewelry industry,Chow Tai King received a lot of trophies including “China Well Known Trademark”and many other honors.

        In future, we will continue adheringto the spirit of enterprise “Rigorous and Pragmatic, Pioneering and Innovative”and expand and strengthen the Chow Tai King Brand to be more competitive on theworld market with the cooperation of our spokesperson Miss Alyssa (Jia Jingwen).