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The NGTC held a forum on the appraisal and evaluation of jadeite at the Hong Kong Jewelry Exhibition in 2019 (II)

On September 19, 2019, the National Gemstone Testing Center (NGTC) and China Jewelry and Jade Industry Association (GAC) jointly held a forum on the appraisal and evaluation of jadeite during the Hong Kong Jewelry Exhibition. Deputy Director of NGTC, Ke Jie, made speeches with Professor Ouyang Qiumei of Hong Kong Gemological Association and other leaders and academics.


Following is the video and full text of Mr. Ouyang's speech, which was filmed and arranged on the spot by the media.


Dear Director NGTC, Dear Leaders, Distinguished Guests, Friends, Good afternoon. First of all, let me congratulate on behalf of the Hong Kong Gemstone Association, the Hong Kong Jewelry Institute and the International Jade Association. The forum hosted by NGTC was successfully opened and completed. The theme of this forum is the identification and evaluation of jadeite. This kind of topic seems to be a cliche, but I think it is the core issue of our jadeite industry, and also the most concerned issue of the vast number of jadeite enthusiasts. Everyone is eager to buy high quality and low price, or genuine jadeite. With the improvement of people's life, we all hope to beautify our life and wear beautiful jewelry and jadeite.
So our research must be close to our present market and keep pace with the times. In fact, in the market, I think the means of fraud also have different changes. Our jadeite identification work can not stay at the original level. The so-called "one foot tall, one foot tall" and "one foot tall" means that we need more appraisal work, more elements of science and technology, more cultural connotations and more close to the market. Nowadays, there are many differences among different appraisal units in different regions of the industry, which will also make the market confused. It is also an urgent task to formulate the identification standard of jadeite. We should guide the market to establish jadeite appraisal standards, better plan the market, so that consumers have more confidence in buying jadeite.
At present, the training and identification work can not solve all the identification problems with a single infrared spectrum. Now, it is better to remove the yellowing than glue. The so-called beauty jadeite method has appeared, from raw materials to finished products to do some treatment, especially for some varieties, which have appeared in the market, are worthy of our in-depth study. In addition, there are Jadeites from different origins. In addition to Myanmar, there are now Jadeites from Guatemala, Russia and other origins on the market. So the identification of the origin of jadeite will also be required, so it is worth introducing new scientific and technological methods to solve the problem of market existence. In question.
The quality evaluation of jadeite is more worthy of our study. At present, the price of jadeite in the market is very chaotic. Some people scream so that consumers can't touch their heads. They have no number in their hearts, which affects their confidence in consumption. I think the era of persuading consumers with a three-inch tongue is over. Jadeite is a very special gemstone. Its complexity is more than six: it is a polycrystalline, multi-mineral, multi-color, multi-quality, multi-period, multi-style, and its value is not easy to determine. It not only defines the value of substance itself, but also defines its added value, the design of finished products, the connotation of culture and the quality of processing. In addition, it also needs to introduce new scientific and technological methods based on big data and make more objective evaluation according to the resource situation of market circulation and supply-demand relationship, the variety of finished products and the evaluation work more complex. Data to express.
It is believed that today's forum will contribute to the exchange and discussion in this regard, promote the appraisal and evaluation of jadeite, and develop more healthily. Thank you.  

Translated by Baidu fanyi.

In the exchange after the speech, Mr. Ouyang proposed that in order to promote Chinese jadeite culture, the world should promote the use of the word feicui!
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