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The NGTC held a forum on the appraisal and evaluation of jadeite at the Hong Kong Jewelry Exhibition in 2019 (I)

On September 19, 2019, the National Gemstone Testing Center (NGTC) and China Jewelry and Jade Industry Association (GAC) jointly organized a forum on the appraisal and evaluation of jadeite during the Hong Kong Jewelry Exhibition. NGTC Vice Director Ke Jie made speeches and exchanges with Mr. Ouyang of the Hong Kong Gemological Association and other leaders and academics.
Following is the video and full text of NGTC Kojie Deputy Director's speech, which was filmed and organized on the spot by the Jewelry Public Network.

Good afternoon, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen. Today we are jointly hosted by NGTC, National Gemstone Testing Center, and GAC, China Jewelry and Jade Industry Association, during the Hong Kong Jewelry Exhibition.
First of all, on behalf of the sponsors, the management of NGTC and our Director Ye Zhibin, let me express our heartfelt thanks to friends and colleagues from all walks of life at home and abroad who have strongly supported the Forum and warmest welcome to all friends who have come to the event site.

Jadeite is a popular variety of jade in China. It has a long history and culture in China, and is also one of the preferred types of consumer wear collection.

China is the largest consumer market of jadeite in the world, so the authenticity, quality and value evaluation of jadeite has attracted much attention both inside and outside the industry. NGTC, as a management service and technical support organization of China's jewelry industry, has been actively developing scientific research standards, testing and testing, and value evaluation of jadeite varieties since 1992 and 27 years since its establishment. NGTC has led the development and successfully implemented the identification of the name of jewelry and the classification of jadeite. According to the important national standards, hundreds of jewelry quality inspection institutions in China have unified the identification and classification of jadeite, and standardized the identification process of jadeite.

The jewelry evaluation is compiled by NGTC. This course provides a complete operational norm for the evaluation of the value of jadeite and further promotes the healthy development of the Chinese jadeite market. We are glad to see that there are more fellow travelers on the way of practicing and popularizing the standard identification method of jadeite. The Hong Kong Jadeite Test Method, a regional standard introduced by the Hong Kong Gemological Association, provides a complete specification for Jadeite manufacturers, distributors and laboratories in Hong Kong. At today's forum, we are pleased to invite Professor Ouyang Qiumei and his team, who have made great contributions to this standard, to share this scientific research.

NGTC's research standard testing team will also share with you the relevant national standards of jadeite and the mainland, the process of laboratory scientific appraisal and the process of value evaluation. Then please allow me to persevere in the development of the jadeite industry, disseminate the jadeite technology and culture to our colleagues and partners, and to our teacher Ouyang. Experts and scholars representing the Hong Kong industry expressed our heartfelt respect.

Nowadays, jadeite has attracted more and more attention from the international professionals. To promote the new image of jadeite internationalization has become a new opportunity and challenge for our practitioners in the new era. At the preparatory meeting of Asia Pacific jewelry standardization technology alliance held this morning, many international jewelry institutions have a high and strong interest in the standardization construction of our jewelry and jade.
They are also willing to work together to promote standardization and internationalization, including jadeite, and to spread our excellent jadeite culture to the world. We have a long way to go, and we are willing to work together with you.

Friends, the international development of jadeite industry in the new era needs to rely on more professional forces. NGTC always adheres to the concept of culture leading science and technology escort, sincerely communicates with international practitioners, jointly carries out scientific work of jadeite from various levels and angles, popularizes jadeite knowledge, popularizes jadeite standards, disseminates jadeite culture, enhances the industry credibility and consumer confidence of jadeite, and realizes common building in the process of global integration. Win win.

Thank you again for coming. Thank you.

Translated by Baidu fanyi.

Following the speech by Vice-Director Kojie, a speech was delivered by a number of distinguished guests, such as Professor Ouyang Qiumei of the Hong Kong Gem and Jade Association. More exciting, please pay attention to the whole network platform with the same name, including Wechat Public Number: Jewelry Public Network.