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SUNFEEL, no solder gold, CoCo Lee endorsement, the country more than 1,600 stores

2016 Shenzhen International Jewelery Show, the jewelry media interviewed SUNFEELSUNFEEL, no solder gold, CoCo Lee endorsement, the country more than 1,600 stores.

Jewelery Media: General Manager Zhang, we are jewelry media, we would like to know what we do now the company's products, and then what are the characteristics of our products do?

SUNFEEL: Our company is mainly to do without solder gold, as well as our diamonds, treasures, pearls and other mosaic products. This is our main product.

Jewelry media: Let's now the company's brand culture to us to talk about it?

SUNFEEL: Our brand since its inception in 1993, has always insisted on technical innovation, then, which is also because of the product of the continuous focus on the spirit, but also created a solder-free technology. That is also in the field of gold to create a solder-free gold is a very characteristic of a product category. That is why in the past few years, the use of solder-free gold of the terminal brand positioning, then to build the market, in the past two or three years, the company is also developing very fast brand. Our brand has always been a piece of this emphasis on excellence, it is also adhere to a call artisans spirit, but also has been inherited, the true sense of a craftsman for the products of a uncompromising attention to excellence, and strive to perfect a pursuit. So, we are constantly in the product above the innovation. As we may have done before a lot for the 60,70 after such a traditional gold three gold products, and now we have to do some 80,90,00 for some fashionable gold products. Including our inlaid category, then from the earliest to operate a single diamond, and now we are dealing with a wide range of consumer demand. Then an increase of wealth categories, pearl category. Including some of the other K gold, platinum, including gold inlaid jade products. So we now do more of the rich products.

Jewelry media: I would like to know, the jewelry industry has an industry identification of the problem, this identification, then, how do you see?

SUNFEEL: I say that our gold this one, after all, is one of our flagship product, then in the traditional gold production above, are often expected to process, but we Saifeier brand it, in order to make our Gold content to achieve the highest production in the use of materials before we will use some of the introduction of foreign advanced detection equipment, the first detection of the gold content of our material, then our company to achieve a requirement for gold, for example, to more than 999.95% Of the gold content of such a material, and then used to put into, the production of our products, it do so out of the product, to ensure that we reach the finished product in more than 999.9% of a gold content. In this case, we face the consumer in the terminal when the solder is really reached the gold, gold content can reach 999.9% per thousand.

Jewelry media: I would like to talk about in this era of rapid development, with the Internet have not combined?

SUNFEEL: Yes. Because now most of the Internet to buy the consumer, so that we are in the days above the Jingdong Jingdong also put some of our company's fashion models, may be a small weight, and then the style is relatively beautiful, and then very small fresh this product , Gold products, including our mosaic products. Then do online sales, the whole after several years of efforts, the entire sale is still very good.

Jewelry media: I would like to ask the company's market share and sales. There are now on the jewelry industry, we are now a what kind of situation, to give us talk about it?

SUNFEEL: is now after so many years of hard work, with CCTV's powerful advertising investment, including the introduction of Li we do endorsements, then the terminal of a development, is now more than 1,600 stores across the country, is basically all over Every province of our country. All have been basically covered. Then we are constantly going to continue to develop, so that we can complete a number of stores a better sales, to meet our end-consumers a demand. In the above market share point of view, we can only say that the coverage is now basically all parts of the country. Most of the country's cities and counties, the provincial capital has. If done 100% is not possible, for now.

Jewelry media: that now are more popular a small target, we can talk about our small goals and our company's a large position, easy to tell us about it?

SUNFEEL: We can now say is a small goal, is to let us.

Jewelry media: a million.

SUNFEEL: because we are still selling gold or relatively large, how many hundred million may be too small for our goal. Now we are talking about a realistic point of the goal, that is, we hope that the vast number of end-consumers can understand our Saifeier brand, we can recognize that such a solder-free gold positioning of the product characteristics. This is one of our goals.

Jewelry media: that a big direction?

SUNFEEL: a big direction of course is to do a hundred years of heritage brands. Able to embark on international.

Jewelery Media: Thank you!