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China Xi'an annual Jewelry feast opened today will continue until November 21

November 18th, the 8th Xi'an Jewelry Exhibition in Xi'an Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Center Hall A kicked off, the show will continue until November 21 for a period of 4 days.

It is understood that this exhibition by the Guangdong Provincial Jewelry and Jade Jewelry Industry Association, Xi'an Gemmological Association, the Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd. Co - sponsored giant exhibition area of ​​over 10,000 square meters, more than 400 international standard booths, bringing together quality jewelry at home and abroad More than 300 businesses. Diamond, red / sapphire, crystal, tourmaline, Opal and other Choi Po categories, as well as pearls, coral, pearl and other precious stones, jade, jade, Gold, K gold, amber, Shuxu to other popular jewelry category.

Jewelry, large coffee together, Wan Zhenzhen brought together Jiangcheng

As the largest and most representative jewelry fair in the western region, the 8th Xi'an Jewelry Show has attracted many well-known jewelry brands from home and abroad, including: Korea Fine Jewelry Pavilion, Taiwan Debao Fine Jewelry Fair, Hong Kong Jade Ltd., Shenzhen Longlin County Huanglong Yu Association, Shenzhen Bao Lin International Jewelry Trade Center pavilions, Shenzhen Sanlian Crystal Jade Culture Association, and so on, as well as to Taiwan colorful jade jewelry, Poland amber, Shenzhen Qi Lin jewelry, Shenzhen pondering Jewelry, Shenyang nine days Jewelry Co., Ltd., Xi'an Ou Feiya jewelry, Shaanxi, wearing a dream of jewelry, angel tears of Zhejiang, as the representative of the jewelry brand will meet at the show with you.

Compared with the previous jewelry exhibition, the 8th Xi'an Jewelry Show in terms of the number of exhibitors, corporate gold content, the number of exhibits, exhibits quality has increased significantly. The exhibition is rich in exhibits, complete categories, the basic assembly of all popular at home and abroad, the United States and the United States of quality jade jewelry boutique, in tasting, procurement, collection and other areas can greatly meet the needs of visitors.

A collection of jewelry art, activities continue to wonderful

To enhance the quality of the exhibition, the Organizing Committee specially planned a series of jewelry theme cultural activities. After the opening ceremony, the tears of angel's catwalk took the lead, quickly ignited the atmosphere, numerous eyes; afternoon, Longling Huanglong Association promotion, Canada spotted stone stunning stunning show, bringing a rare jewelry Zhenpin. The next three days, will continue to have the Taiwan Depot Heritage Pavilion exquisite jade show, South Korea modern jewelry display, wearing a dream of jewelry wall Dong diamond kiss contest, Shaanxi TV "first news" special events, jewelry jewelry auction price auction Not to be missed in jewelry-themed cultural events.

Shaanxi Satellite TV site "Indiana", invite the world Tibet Friends

November 20, as the Xi'an jewelry exhibition features one of the activities, Shaanxi TV "Indiana" section will once again come to the 8th Xi'an jewelry exhibition site, inviting well-known painting and calligraphy, miscellaneous, porcelain experts on-site identification Kam Po, GUANG the world Tibet Friends. From the grand scene to the people close to the show site, the program will maximize the general public entertainment show entertainment and professional quality collection for collectors, collections provide a platform for exchange and display.

"First identification, after the purchase," sits worry-free experts sits

To protect the consumer rights and interests of consumers, to enhance the shopping experience, so that the vast number of consumers peace of mind selection of treasure, the organizing committee also invited experts in the work of jewelry testing center sits on site, escorting products for the show. Show all the exhibits are the implementation of the "first identification, after the purchase" approach, for the majority of visitors to provide free consultation and appraisal services, on-site checks, the authority to protect the quality of exhibition quality!

At the same time the scene also set up a coffee leisure area, visiting the show when tired of the coffee lounge to sit down and drink a cup of coffee bar, this exhibition coffee leisure area by the Xi'an Pacific coffee full support!

The two exhibitions, as the annual jewelry event in the western region, this exhibition brings together the main jewelry industry base at home and abroad, jewelry professional market, the main producing areas of jewelery high-quality jewelry exhibitors, Jiangcheng people to bring a set of quality and Professional jewelry in a feast, through a series of exciting activities set up not only for the western market to build the current trend of fashion jewelry stand to build a blend of jewelry art of the human hall, but also set up the jewelry of this high-end art culture and the general public Communication bridge.