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2016 Wedding Bazaar Brand Jewelry exhibition will be held November 26, 2016 in Guangzhou Pazhou Poly International Trade Exhibition Hall

Brand-name jewelry exhibition is China's largest, brand-name businesses and models, the most comprehensive types of jewelry consumer exhibition. The jewelry exhibition by LukFook Jewelery title.
The brand-name jewelry consumption exhibition: Asia's top 500 brands [Chiba jewelry], the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong and Macao's leading jewelers [Chow Tai Fook], China's first brand of gold jewelry [100 jewelry], the century-old gold shop [old Fengxiang] Gold and silver jewelry brand, jointly launched the tens of thousands of cost-effective naked [], the famous brand of Chinese jewelry [Millennium Star], network customization leading brand [diamond bird], [Kelan diamonds] Diamond and various styles of diamond / gold / platinum / K gold, rings / earrings / pendants / necklace / bracelet, all kinds of fashion boutique series ...... everything.