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GMOND Jewelry

Pursuiting of Love and Beauty Dream, Forever


       Since its inception in 2000, GMOND Jewelery Co., Ltd. Is committed to the "constant pursuit of love and beauty", with a high degree of attention to customer experience, the work of every detail of the Seiko secret agents, the unique grasp of emotion, the beauty of jewelry The ultimate pursuit, 16 years, and gradually established an extensive sales network, already has more than 300 retail outlets throughout the country, and in Jingdong and Lynx opened a network flagship store, the beauty of jewelry and diamond culture continue to spread to more Know the United States, love the United States, the United States collection of consumers.

       Shining platinum diamond ornaments series, as GMOND Kyrgyzstan Jewelery the most representative works, has been from the Italian jewelry family designer Alessandro Cossu led the design. Integration of European jewelry design style, the perfect interpretation of the GMOND jewelry Kyrgyzstan jewelry jewelry aesthetic concept. The series also successfully set up a master and slave drilling design, the main ring with a platinum and diamond perfect match with the concept, as the industry model, and the International Platinum Association portrait of recommendation.

       Reflected GMOND Kyrgyzstan jewelry Seiko luxury red carpet custom series of diamond ornaments, with superb technology and the ultimate pursuit of the beauty of diamonds, as many stars red carpet shining moment of the best witness. In the world's major fashion week, the film festival and other trends in the first line, can find GMOND Kyrgyzstan jewelery red carpet senior custom series diamond ornaments. This series of works can be tailored for every shining woman, worth owning and collection handed down.

       Gathered at home and abroad outstanding designers extraordinary creativity and GMOND Kyrgyzstan jewelry exquisite craft Intimate Promise intimate platinum couple series, collection of GMOND Kyrgyzstan jewelry to the United States to the United States platinum couple works. This series of works, the ultimate expression of the designer of platinum natural, pure, never faded, as well as platinum and diamond perfect match and other characteristics of a deep understanding. Never fade Intimate Promise Platinum couple intimate agreement, a symbol of the long-lasting love between lovers of the Covenant. No matter how the passage of time, intimate agreement with each other, such as platinum has always maintained a white as ever shiny.

       Auspicious life full of whimsical Auspicious life series, through a new interpretation of Chinese auspicious culture, combined with GMOND Kyrgyzstan jewelry brand jewelry Kyrgyzstan, the birth of the "orange Meng children of the child" series, bring you full Auspicious blessing. At the same time around the "Kyrgyzstan" cultural characteristics also extends the "orange garden", "orange incense" and rich in Chinese cultural essence and modern emotional creative elements of the sub-series works. In addition, Healing family series, Zodiac series, Yuet-platinum suite series is also a series of independent research and the birth of Kyrgyzstan Union.

       Through continuous exploration and refinement of different cultures, different elements of the romantic culture and fashion genes, with the international top designers, illustrators exchange and cooperation, and fully experience the creation of jewelry More forms, GMOND Kyrgyzstan jewelry Jewelery for love and beauty of the never-ending search. The beauty of jewelry, shining long-lasting, GMOND Kyrgyzstan Jewelery unique creative and emotional quality of jewelry, jewelry will meet your ultimate pursuit of beauty and experience.


      GMOND JEWELRY, Shenzhen famous brand, well-known (famous) jewelry brand, well-known ring brand, well-known trademarks in China, well-known brands of Chinese jewelry industry, high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen, Shenzhen private leading backbone enterprises, comprehensive large-scale jewelry enterprises.

      With a keen eye for diamond materials, precise control of diamond cutting, innovative design style, mosaic of the maze of exploration, GMOND Kyrgyzstan Jewelery gradually close to its vision to become the industry leader. In the constant pursuit and a thought, GMOND Kyrgyzstan jewelry has been uphold the jewelry design is the lifeblood of innovation is the source of the idea of ​​the enterprise in the search for beauty and create the United States on the road farther and farther, getting better and better.

      GMOND Kyrgyzstan jewelry has always been a leader in the domestic jewelry brand, "China Famous Brand" honor winners, in the new century 2000, GMOND Kyrgyzstan UNITA jewelry was born in the terminal market, more than 10 years of development and growth, With more than 300 brand retail stores, accounting for a certain domestic market share. GMOND Jewelery own mosaic factory, own design team, with dozens of patents and design patents, and mastery of 90% of the world's diamond jewelry De Beers Group's jewelry brand Forevermark Forevermark has a profound and extensive Cooperation.

      With every piece of GMOND Kyrgyzstan jewelry jewelry necklace seeks to perfect, GMOND Kyrgyzstan Jewelery jewelry to become truly attached to the emotional, able to retain handed down, to shine the perfect jewelry. GMOND Kyrgyzstan jewelry this concept through its national retail network has become a consumer recognition and follow the consumption concept.



       GMOND's sales network throughout the country, relying on more than 10 years continuously updated, improved, the establishment of the set brand planning, operation and management, market development, commodity management, professional training and other ancillary services integrated retail operating system, and The terminal stores continue to increase, around the market continued mining, joining the depth of customer cooperation, in fact, the beauty of the jewelry, the beauty of the design spread to know the United States, love the United States, the United States collection of consumers, this is GMOND Kyrgyzstan Jewelery has been Ideals and dreams.

       Discreet vision, creative design, fashion sense is a Kyrgyzstan Union jewelry key words, GMOND Kyrgyzstan Jewelery jewelry spare no effort to spread the popular urban fashion, spread the elegant way of life, passing the classic and eternal beauty.

       The beauty of jewelry, shine long-lasting, GMOND Kyrgyzstan Jewelery jewelry for the United States and fashion never cease to explore.

Brand Analysis & Advice

GMOND, was born in 2000, is committed to "unswervingly pursue the dream of love and beauty."

The main situation:

1, many of the red carpet to wear red carpet senior custom series of diamond ornaments, often appear in the world's major fashion week, the film festival and other trends in the front line, as its high-end image representative, but the specific content of the Internet little publicity copyright?);

2, more than three hundred entities across the country stores, physical distribution network wide; days cats, Jingdong have electricity shop;

3, since 2016 little publicity on the Internet;

Marketing advice:

1, Seiko luxury red carpet series as a high-end image representative, from the case, pictures, video depth mining brand value;

2, increase the Internet publicity, through the wedding, high-end party, social networking and other online and offline cooperation, with physical stores and outdoor publicity, the star red carpet series of high-end image of the depth of the consumer's heart;

3, the other series also into the star red carpet high-end image;

4, through the series of related products in the marketing and the development of mid-range products, from the sales volume and price to achieve brand premium;

5, according to the Jingdong, Lynx consumer groups, the products are differentiated positioning: Jingdong customers are mostly 35-45 years old have a certain spending power of higher-level customers, Lynx customer groups vary; proposed in the high-end Diamond on the Jingdong, gold, etc. on the day cat, the whole category on the official website.

Internet New Media Advice:

1, high-end image series planning;

2, the Internet basic brand copy advocacy, the major media publicity publicity;

3, thematic publicity, through exquisite pictures, videos in the major media series of special reports;

4, the use of micro-Bo brand marketing, the use of WeChat smoke powder spread;

5, the goal: to improve online sales, sales to promote the line;

6, through the red carpet series, and gradually increase overseas Internet publicity.