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ROMANTI, born in New York, global positioning

2016 Shenzhen International Jewelery Show, jewelery media on-site interview ROMANTI jewelry. ROMANTI, born in New York, global positioning.

Jewelry media: Hello, Mr. Chen, we are jewelry media, we would like to know what we ROMANTI jewelry is what kind of product? Then we have what kind of product characteristics?

ROMANTI: Hello, Moderator. We ROMANTI jewelry product structure is based on diamond mosaic. The second category is our summer vacation to the 14K youth gold. This is our entire industry, we are the first to launch a series of youth gold. All of our 14K varieties, styles are imported. So we in the process of the control may be more stringent. This is our product structure. At the same time we will have some fashion treasure will do some embellishment. Is such a product structure. Three categories.

Jewelry media: That easy to talk about our origin and brand ROMANTI brand culture?

ROMANTI: ROMANTI is extended to the United States New York, New York is an international, fashion, freedom, tolerance, technology such a metropolis. Then we ROMANTI the name also comes from the Roman body, the romance of such a word, so we ROMANTI jewelry positioning for the global fashion wedding jewelry brand love. Also derived from such a positioning. Because we were born in New York. We are equipped with a global positioning and vision of such a brand.

Jewelry media: Let us know that is to say, for the industry to identify this one, do not know there is no better here Chen total insight it?

ROMANTI: We diamond, our goods structure is a diamond and 14K gold youth gold, there is a treasure. No matter what category, we check the quality is very strict. For example, diamond mosaic, we are almost all double certificates, GIA (sound) plus the national inspection certificate. So this piece of consumer though can be assured.

Jewelry media: I think now intelligent era, many are sold in the Internet, then we have a ROMANTI this piece with the Internet + to do it?

ROMANTI: This is there. We have been trying to do. Because we are not just to sell, we are more important is a means of Internet communication. Because now are from the media. Including my second day of activities, we have five net red to live with me. Just a very sensational.

Jewelry media: I would like to present the situation of jewelry, jewelry market, a situation, as well as our company a sales volume, the market share of convenience to us about it?

ROMANTI: At present this market is the whole environment is in this, but I think is a great opportunity. As we are in 2013 to enter the Chinese mainland market, I think this time, in fact, for everyone is fair. We as a new brand, we in the early strength of the practice and layout of a great deal of strength to practice their own. This two or three years, we put their own self-employed as the primary focus, so we have more than a dozen self-operated stores. So why do we engage in such a big move this year, is to start force, want to strengthen our brand bigger. The brand to further launch to go. So joining us is a model for the future. But this model we will be followed by the Internet + concept and model together to do. I believe that this share will not be small.

Jewelry media: I would like to know ROMANTI a big future direction, as well as our current a small goal. Easy to disclose it?

ROMANTI: we ROMANTI is to step by step, because our brand positioning is the global fashion wedding jewelry brand, we do not want to easily put it to casual, we also have certain requirements, want to do it with a certain taste And height. So we are a step by step, of course, the recent planning is certainly yes.

Jewelry media: That is very grateful to our President Chen. Thank you!